Sunday, November 16, 2014

Girls Who Read

" See, some guys prefer asses. Some prefer tits. And I'm not saying that I don't like those bits. But what's more important, what supersedes , for me, is a girl with passion, wit, and dreams....So I want a girl who reads" . There are people out there ( and I met a few) who think these girls are "species" under extinction...there are some guys out there ( and I happen to have met a few) who just love to tease...but I believe, whether you like to admit it or not, you all like and want a girl who reads :P 

Sunday, November 2, 2014


Nothing left to say. .
I'm just holding on for tonight,  for tomorrow , for yesterday , for as long as it takes until I can look down and open my eyes. ..

Saturday, November 1, 2014

My October....

My October is gone...somebody said "every one's October is gone..." I know that, but this October was pretty special to me and I wasn't ready to say goodbye. It's funny how things turn out and work out in a way that we may not understand.I've been preparing myself for this month and still wasn't prepared enough. I've been longing for it to come and now that it is all over I feel the emptiness of irreversibility. Don't you want sometimes to possess that magic power and be able to turn back time, for just one second?
Between heaven and hell seems the right way to describe it and it's exactly the way I want to remember it.
Have I changed a bit? yeah, definitely...have I lost something? yeah, that too...have I gained something?absolutely...
Here are a few snapshots...walks, mountains, hiking, airports, birthdays, fun and sorrow.
And just like that, this morning my son told me..."mum, my November started...."
climbing trees and jumping demo

Nafplio and Tolo

Nafplio center

driving demo-dirt 2

bathroom selfies and cake for my b-day


my little helper