Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Summertime, summertime

A long due article I found saved as draft..Summer is gone but the memories are not.
After being away from my blog for too long, I think it's safe to say that I've been missing it. So many memories , so many wonderful moments that I haven't written about, feeling guilty that they would be lost forever.And now that I'm here I don't know what to start with...should I start with our milestones? our psychological issues and counselling, trips and road trips, new hobbies? Can't decide...
The thing that comes to my mind and it's probably the easiest to talk about is our first free camping with the kids. As newly weds we used to sleep on  empty beaches every summer...with some friends, some guitars and beer, we didn't seem to mind sleeping with the mosquitoes on a sleeping bag, under the summer sky.
We were talking about trying it last summer, but for some reason it never happened. Last week we loaded our car and left without thinking too much about it...some food, towels, mosquito repellent, clothes, water, and we arrived at the beach just in time for dinner...the weather was perfect...although in Athens the heat reached 43 degrees , for us it was paradise..maybe a little chilly, but nobody was complaining. The kids took the little tent, we decided to sleep on the sleeping bag...the music of the waves lullaby-ing  all night long. It was not the most comfortable thing in the world, but it was the peace and quiet that made it special.Far away from the city, finally after months and months of working without a break, it was a well deserved treat. Of course I would wake up every 2 hours, until the break of dawn. As everybody else was fast asleep, I thought it would be so great to spend some time alone, so I took my stuff and enjoyed my yoga session, meditation and recharging my body and spirit.It was great.

We spent the rest of the day playing football, talking about stars and childhood memories, sunbathing and swimming...we played a funny game that somehow was invented on the spot..singing the A,B,C song while dad from the car would interfere with the singing  with a funny voice, so that everybody would burst out laughing..."again!" "again!" "again!"...we played this game until it was no longer funny ... 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I woke up this morning feeling this urge to write about Dorian. It is the only way to make these demons stop tormenting me.
I met Dorian in 2007. It seemed like a nice cover, something you'd like to taste, but there was always that fear it would taste bitter. After the first page, it got me hooked. Dorian was not just a character in a book that, for some unexplainable reason, would turn out to be  prophetic. Dorian was ME...he was actually the alter ego I had never been aware of. I loved Dorian so much I took him with me and thought about him for quite some time. Then I left him on my shelf and slowly became a distant memory. Until recently... he came back to me in the shape of a dream come true..a temptation that would make  the nights and days burn into a flame so strong that it consumed me...That was my Dorian....and so much more. 

I watched all screenings and Wilde's biography, watched the other movies inspired from his work...I couldn't have enough of it. I kept digging and digging searching for some cryptic meaning meant to give me the key to Dorian's secret. There must be more, I thought. It can't be it...and I found it! The secret revealed itself: Dorian needed me..he was searching for me, too. I couldn't say no, I couldn't fight it and surely I couldn't control it because his power over me was so fierce that I surrendered myself living the dream , the hell, the excitement, the pain, the joy, the missing, the tears, the passion...two forces so strong united and yet...so bad for each other.

I will always keep Dorian with me...after all he never left, he's been there all the time...but I'm happy I met him...and who knows...maybe one day he'll return to me bringing some other meanings that we have yet to discover. There are still things to be said and done...places to go and explore...laughs to share and fights to fight. It will never be over!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Is it over? This summer I mean...

Oh gosh...been away for so long it's almost impossible to get back on track. I was checking my blog the other day and I almost didn't recognize myself...It seems as if a different person had written the entries ...definitely not me...So many changes in such a short time and I'm not sure I like it. If you're wondering what the heck am I rambling about, well...I can't understand either. I still have a few articles saved as drafts. I think it 's time to get back in the game.
I never liked summer in Greece...I know, makes me sound ungrateful, but it's true. Summer turns me into a vegetable...something like this 
photo source
or a couch potato..like this...hate it!!
photo source
 It's time to break away from it