Monday, May 18, 2015

How about kids who read?

I uploaded a while ago a video which I found funny yet true about girls who read. How about kids who read?I think it is one of the most beautiful pictures...watching your child spend time in his room, quietly, with a book...absorbed by the plot...I felt so proud and reminded me of myself many years ago when I'd run to a quiet place reading and re-reading the same book until I'd know it by heart.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Most Harmful Kind of Parent

I never re-blog or share blog posts , but I'm going to make an exception today, and that is because of my tendency to become narsicssistic sometimes, although never been diagnosed as one, I do feel I possess a  narsissistic personality  at times.As time passes I learn to control it and even overcome it, but it is not easy as the root of it lies somewhere in the past and I haven't been able to identify where yet.
The article talks about the worst kind of parents, and it starts like this :

Over the years I have often been asked what is the most harmful thing a parent can do to a child. There are many harmful things a parent can do, too many to point out. It is easier to focus on the kind of parent that does most harm.
The most harmful parents are the parents who have a narcissistic need to think of themselves as great parents. Because of this need, they are unable to look at their parenting in an objective way. And they are unable to hear their children’s complaints about their parenting.
you can read the rest here

Friday, April 24, 2015

Small pleasures of life...

You can find happiness in the smallest of things. I've always believed that.
My happiness is simple and this year has been so kind to me...