Friday, August 21, 2015

Wake me up when September starts...

yes, I's been a while but we're still sort of...kind of...on vacation mode (if scrubbing and bleaching could ever be considered vacation, oh, well...the work of a woman always goes unnoticed)
Lots of wonderful things happened this summer, places, people,memories we'll cherish for ever. It's the after vacation melancholy we're trying to fight and getting back on track has never been more difficult. I blame the Athenian summer heat ( as always) and stressful political situation.  But there's still hope: That's where my yogi tea comes in . It works wonders on my morning moodiness and helps me kick myself out of the house and deal with real world. You don't know what yogi tea is? Neither did I until it found me. Sounds cheesy and pretentious, but the feminine energy is meant to be awaken after a sip or two. What I like the most about it is that each bag contains a wise saying. Today's motivational zen thingy was something about silence...silence goes hand in hand with meditation, tranquility, self observing, mindfulness. ...admit it, you already feel peaceful 
Anyway, here are some photos from our "action-fun-love-drama packed" summer. AS I like to say, one photo a thousand words.

somebody enjoyed a lot of sun and sea

somebody went for evening walks around the island...

Somebody had fun by the sea

somebody had a birthday <3

somebody watched the meteor shower

somebody played chess and won many times :)

somebody took the cat walk on the beach...modesty aside, it felt good 

somebody visited dear places

somebody swam in the river...yeah...that's right!

Somebody ate "mici", don't know it? googleeeeeeee 

somebody gave mummy headaches on the playground

somebody found a horse and named it :)

somebody  went jogging every morning!

same somebody took lots of me names, I don't care :)

somebody went for a 12 km hike with a bunch of kids and parents....UNFORGETTABLE!!!

 somebody had some cake

....and too much food

and cake again ....

and ice cream

somebody visited Dracula's castle

and cemeteries....

somebody played cards

and ate too much pork fat and sausages...

somebody went to a place so far away...

and slept in old granma's house...

and found raspberries

somebody picked up apples

and fed the goats...

oh....that's a toilet and yeah, I used it...if you gotta go, you gotta go...

somebody visited dear people

and went out for beer and pizza

song of the summer??? This summer's piece it's a romanian one.Even angels fight their own demons. At the end of the day our demons are part of who we are, learning how to control and tame them is also part of the journey. Have I been succesful? have I failed? I come with my me or hate me !

Thursday, June 18, 2015


The past days I was really sick that, as somebody said, people would remember me by my  throwing up on the streets of Athens (totally sober by the way)......terrible stomach flu that affected everyone, me being the last one to catch it. After almost 36 hours of nausea and other disgusting symptoms, I fell into a 11hour deep sleep.I can't recall the last time I had slept for so long, but when I finally opened my eyes, there was Garfield playing on boys were sitting at the table...bowls of cereal, milk, all breakfast ready....I was shocked, and proud, and  felt a little guilty...Apparently they woke up earlier than me (obviously) and went on doing the things I usually do for them in the morning. They didn't wake me may seem like a normal thing, but to me it was a huge deal...finding them so independent at 9 am...or maybe they were just starving ?! who knows...nevertheless it was the highlight of my week.
While I was looking for some visuals to illustrate my post I came across these wonderful breakfast ideas for kids here . Absolutely adorable, aren't they? kinda make you wish you were a kid....

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Time...memento mori!

Has it ever happened to you to talk to someone and be at a loss for words? there are things you meant to say, misunderstandings to solve, and you suddenly realize you're miles away from making a point and everything you say just...sounds wrong...and you have no time to explain , nor do you believe it's worth it, but you still cling to that last opportunity to shed some light and instead it becomes darker ??? pretty darn frustrating. Battling against what you should have said and what you really wanted to have said, battling against right and wrong, in the's just what it is... and what it is , is so far away from what it used to be that there's no way you could even attempt to make a you choose to wait because time is the longest distance between two places...but also the safest one...

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Spring onions!

These are Markos' onions harvested from the very balcony of his grandma, planted by him, watered and  cared for by him. The boy has got the green thumb unlike his mum who managed to kill every piece of green living plant she's even owned.Needless to say those were the best onions I've ever tasted and God is my witness, I know a thing or two about onions and garlic.